At Bolasad Specialist Hospital
We provide high-quality health services for men, women and children!

The Hospital was born out of a passion to provide quality healthcare to the general populace and also, to help Conception and Safe Delivery. Since IVF/ ICSI was introduced in 2019, we have had over 20 successful deliveries of IVF pregnancy including 1 triplet and 6 sets of twins. The Hospital was initially located at IKEJA but recently relocated to its permanent site at 26, Dopemu Road, Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria. It renders 24 hours Service every day.

Bolasad Specialist Hospital is Duly Registered With The Following Regulatory Bodies

Meet Bolasad Specialist Hospital
Managing Director

Dr Olabode Taofeek is a Chief Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist for a decade. He is also an IVF specialist.

He obtained his MBBS from the University of Ilorin in the year 1997 and had his Postgraduate training at OAUTHC Ile Ife. He became a consultant in the year 2007.

He belongs to the following professional bodies:

 Fellow West African College of Surgeon (FWACS)

 Fellow Medical College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (FMCOG).

 Fellow in IVF and Reproductive medicine UKSH Germany.

He is the Medical Director of BOLASAD SPECIALIST HOSPITAL which has been in existence since 2009 as a limited liability company, with massive success stories.

Our Mission

To improve the health of every person we serve through efficient, innovative, affordable and compassionate care.

Our Vision

BOLASAD SPECIALIST HOSPITAL will be the preferred partner in health and provider of care for the community we serve and will be among the best respected community healthcare system in Nigeria.

Our Services

General Medicine

We provide general and preventive medicine for children and adults of all ages.

IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)

Achieving a pregnancy through in vivo fertilization by means other than sexual intercourse or in vitro fertilisation

IVF (Invitro fertilisation)

This is a type of assistive reproductive technology (ART). It involves retrieving eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them with sperm.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

We are concerned with the care of pregnant woman, her unborn child and the management of diseases specific to women

Laboratory & Ultrasound Scan

Our laboratory is well equiped and provides a key link in the chain of diagnosis and treatment. Our lab professionals provide help physicians make the best decisions.

Ovulation Stimulation

This uses hormonal therapy to induce ovulation in women who did not ovulate on their own.

Egg Sperm & Embryo Freezing

We are equipped with expertise and facilities to ensure effective preservation of eggs, sperm or embryos for late use in IUI or IVF procedures.


This is an assisted reproduction where intended parents work with a gestational surrogate who will carry and care for their baby(ies) until birth.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

A specialised form of IVF that is used primarily for the treatment of severe cases of male-factor infertility.

Follicular Tracking

An ultrasound transvaginal scan that can be used to monitor women fertility and confirm the best time to conceive.


Doctors and Nurses work together to care for patients. The staffs are joined by common goal, mission and vision. Our staffs have a common belief in quality healthcare.


Our wards are clean, conducive and homely. We have wards with comfortable hospital beds, lights, Air conditioners, fans, television sets.


Consultant Specialists in relevant fields may be called in at short notice to evaluate a seriously ill patient on admission in our Hospital.


All routine drugs are stocked and dispensed by the Hospital.


We operate 24 hours daily coverage (including Public Holidays) with doctors in attendance.


Basic diagnostic laboratory services are available within the hospital while more comprehensive ones are provided by arrangement with nearby Medical Laboratory


Our water supply is 24/7 from a reliable borehole.

A standby 30KVA generator is available to provide electricity when public electricity supply fails.

How To Book An Appointment

You can visit our Hospital at
26, Dopemu Road, Agege to see our qualified Medical doctors and consultants.
Or use Online Booking through our Contact Us page
:(+234) 8034013522, 8094254453